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Dental Cleaning/Deep Cleaning

Polishing & Stain Removal 

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Some staining can be removed through polishing.  In many cases, the stain is not on the tooth, but rather on the calculus.

After a thorough scaling, your teeth may be polished to remove any remaining surface stains or plaque.

This is particularly effective on brown tobacco and coffee/tea stains, although it will not have a whitening effect on yellowed teeth.

Teeth Whitening (With Dr. RX)

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Opalescence™ Boost™ 

professional teeth whitening is applied by your hygienist right in the dental office to give you a white smile fast! No hot or uncomfortable LED teeth whitening lights are necessary because it is chemically activated, and you’ll have a brighter smile with only two or three 20 minute treatments.


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Pit and fissure sealants are a great way to prevent decay from developing in the chewing surfaces of the teeth. A BPA-free coating seals up the grooves of the teeth, preventing bacteria from entering and starting the decay process.

Sealants are particularly important as a preventive tool for decay in children with newly erupted molars, although anytime is a good time to prevent decay.

If the tooth does not yet have a cavity or filling then a sealant can be placed.

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The removal of tartar deposits (calculus) from the teeth, both above and below the gum line is called scaling or debridement. The amount of scaling required varies with each individual. The removal of plaque and calculus, and ultimately bacteria, is the best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums and prevent or reverse gingivitis and periodontitis.

We can also treat more advanced gum disease by providing gum therapy aimed at reducing inflammation and gum pockets. This can range from 2-4 appointments of deep cleaning and optional deep pocket irrigation with a medicated solution, and follow-up appointments at regular intervals.


Custom Night Guard(With Dr. RX)

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Tooth Gems are a quick and painless procedure. We apply the gem or charm using a similar technique dentists use to put on braces. Tooth gem application is a painless procedure that is completely reversible with no Damage to your teeth ever! (Service provided by our gem specialist) 

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Your custom mouth guard includes a custom fit so that you ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

Generic mouth guards, even those that can be molded to your teeth before wearing, are often thicker and bulkier than custom mouth guards. This additional bulkiness can cause discomfort, difficulty speaking or breathing, and may even damage your tooth alignment. Everyone's mouth is a different shape and size, so trying to use a one-size-fits-all mouth guard is unlikely to result in a proper fit. (Service provided upon RX of licensed dentist)

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